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Review: Kreisler: Violin Music (Liebeck, Apekisheva)

Here is a collection of charming short pieces from a bygone age. Salon music, if you like. As a style, salon music has declined almost to the point of extinction, so this lovely collection of lightly perfumed compositions for violin and orchestra are a welcome reminder from the pen of one of the last century’s greatest violinists, Fritz Kreisler. Indeed, his attractive and melodious pieces often eclipsed his reputation as a virtuoso, so popular were they in the first half of the last century. Caprice viennoisand Schön Rosmarinwere typical pops of the day. Many of the pieces are arrangements. Dvorák’s Slavonic Dance in E Minor and Dance Espagnoleby de Falla from his opera La Vida Breve. Gluck’s beautiful Mélodiefrom Orfeo ed Euridicewas loved long before the complete opera gained more popular appeal in the 1960s. The most substantial work on the CD is the Sonata in G Minor by Tartini, arranged here by Kreisler with its famous devil’s trill (which Liebeck throws off brilliantly). Kreisler’s Praeludium and Allegro, an original work and one of his finest compositions, is also on the list. Compared to the relative frivolity of some of the others, the Praeludiumis…Continue reading Get unlimited digital access from…

January 9, 2015