What are your earliest memories of a piano and what did you make of the instrument?

My earliest memories of a piano must be the sounds of my dad working late at night, after my brothers and I were tucked into bed. Definitely a lot of Bach solo works. I also used to sit for hours under the piano, so I developed a close relationship to that sound from a very early age.

Trio Vitruvi. All photos © Tom McKenzie

You were born in Copenhagen into a family of musicians and soon moved to Australia. How did that impact your musical childhood?

Having a piano, vibraphone, violin and cello in my parents’ small house in Sydney – and all of them being played (dad, mum and my brothers), must have opened my ears to the language of music early on. My mum and dad sent me to Sydney Children’s Choir, where Lyn Williams (the conductor and boss) taught me to sing. Lyn has a rare and miraculous gift of opening children to music, and I was very lucky to have many deep musical experiences with the choir.

My dad was born in Western Australia, and...