When Australian soprano Alexandra Flood headed off for Europe in 2014 to launch her opera career, she made a vow that she would return home every year to perform in Australia and share her experiences with fellow emerging artists.

Alexandra Flood

Last year COVID put paid to that, so she is thrilled to be back in Australia, where she will give a series of performances over the next few months.

When she talks to Limelight, she is in the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility in the Northern Territory, where she has few days remaining. Asked how she’s coped and whether she has been able to keep singing, she says that her neighbours have been lovely.

“They’ve been really happy to hear me sing. I think they tend to put single women in an area with the families, so I’ve got families all around me. So, there’s lots of laughter and joyful noises anyway. So, I don’t think that I’ve been too disruptive,” she says over the phone.

“I’ve done lots of lip trills, which the kids love of course because...