The classical music world is awash with stories of instruments damaged, destroyed or refused entry on to flights, as musicians negotiate the perils of international travel with cellos and double basses. (Follow Steven Isserlis’ Twitter feed for a taste of the trials these musical travellers face on a weekly basis.) Roberto Carillo-Garcia and Rachael Clegg, who are guest artists at the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, however, have opted for a scenic work-around for the domestic leg of their trip, road-tripping the 1,334 kilometres from Brisbane to Townsville across three days with a car full of instruments.

AFCM Road Trip Roberto Carillo-Garcia and Rachael Clegg in Brisbane at the start of their road trip. Photo © Dan Fidler

The couple, Carillo-Garcio, on double bass, guitar and viola da gamba, and Clegg on oboe, are making their debut at the festival, and this is their first time in Australia. Carillo-Garcio is borrowing a double bass from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s Ken Poggioli, and a viola da gamba from Shannon Luk.

“Our decision to drive rather than fly to Townsville is largely based on the fact that driving is much safer for...