Founded in 2016, the Symphony for Life Foundation is a charitable organisation set up to give children in Western Sydney the chance to learn to play a string instrument; children who for various reasons wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise.

Their vision statement is “Playing music transforms lives”. Look on the Symphony for Life websiteand you’ll find testimonials from children who have found that playing music has boosted their self-esteem and confidence, enabled them to become better organised with school work, and helped them forge friendships. One child who suffers from chronic pain now uses music as part of a pain management strategy.

Symphony for Life

But with COVID causing lockdowns in 2020 and again now in 2021, the children – who live in Western Sydney where restrictions have been particularly onerous – ­have not been able to meet and play together in person. However thanks to a new project called Symphony for Lockdownthey will be gathering together online, with professional musicians, to perform...