Contemporary Women showcases four female choreographers at the fore of Australian dance.

In 2007, German-born choreographer Tanja Liedtke was appointed director of Sydney Dance Company. Tragically, the 29-year-old was hit by a truck and killed before she had the chance to take up the post; a devastating loss to the Australian and international dance community.

The Spaniard Rafael Bonachela was called in to take over Liedtke’s would-be directorship. But he never forgot the immense impact of her work. Now, in a four-part shared program entitled Contemporary Women,Sydney Dance Company showcases the rich talents of four young, emerging female choreographers.

“I really don’t like themes, to be honest. I hate the whole ‘Oh, it’s all about green or it’s all about blue’,” Bonachela laughs. “I thought about the many choreographers who have approached me to make work for Sydney Dance Company – the works I put in the folder “I Like”. The four choreographers I chose all happened to be women, so the show became a celebration of that talent.”

He had also read an article in The Guardianabout how women choreographers in Europe are becoming increasingly marginalised. But in Australia, he insists, with artists like Meryl Tankard, Lucy Guerin, Natalie...