From up to date ancient Greeks and Romans to Big Mouths and Seagulls – oh, and Batsheva Dance as well.

Although we’re only just over half way through this year’s Adelaide Festival, there is no doubt that the theatre on offer has been outstanding; powerful, exciting, inspiring, fiercely intelligent and an education, in so many ways. The program has propelled audiences through time and place, from the Ancient Greek wars to modern teenage dilemmas. And, most exciting of all, there is still more to come.

Arguably I cheated slightly by getting a head start at the beginning. Both The Seagulland BigMouthwere playing a few days before the Festival officially kicked off, but with so much to squeeze into the two weeks, this was a welcome blessing. The State Theatre Company of South Australia’s Seagullis a dreamy piece. Hilary Bell’s smart adaptation takes Chekhov’s tale to the 1950’s (any later and the play’s circumstances and drivers could risk becoming meaningless and petty) and, under Geordie Brookman’s thoughtful direction, the whole ensemble brings the play beautifully to life. There’s more detail in the full review here.

Next was BigMouth, directed and performed by Valentijn Dhaenens from the Belgium...