The COVID-19 pandemic has forced musicians around the world to change their plans. What have you been up to while live concerts have been on hold?

I’m very lucky that I also present on TV and broadcast on Classic FM in the UK, so as well as writing a book of Everyday Blessingsand recording the album, I’ve been focusing on the TV and radio.

Aled Jones Aled Jones. Photo supplied

Why did you choose to name your new album Blessings?

It’s an album that uses uplifting words from around the world – from different faiths and none. We all need these little blessings at the moment to take us somewhere else away from the norm.

Blessings is your 40th album – did this milestone influence the way you put the program together?

No, 40 is only a number – I feel blessed to be able to do what I do and long may it continue. Singing for me is as natural as breathing and I’ve so missed it this year.