Jacqui Dark and John Longmuir are usually found performing on stage in our biggest opera and musical theatre productions, but the two colleagues (and great friends) have recently made the transition to prime time television, appearing as members of The 100 – the huge judging panel on Channel 7’s new hit talent show All Together Now. They sat down together to look back over the show for Limelight, discussing how they managed the transition to television, and  how they coped locked up in a tiny room with 100 huge personalities, and each other, for long days of filming.

All Together Now Jacqui Dark and John Longmuir with host Julia Zemiro. Photographs supplied

What are the major differences between working on television and stage?

JL: The amount of time that’s required to produce the work.

JD: Also the repetition. Stage is so immediate and in television you can rehearse one 10 second spot 20 times until they feel they have it just right. That gets exhausting and the thrill dissipates a little after multiple takes. That’s one of the skills we had to develop very quickly – keeping every take exciting and fresh. The constant supply of...