There are certain people whose energy charges the room. Jeffrey Seller is one of them.

Seller is the lead American producer of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s mega-hit musical Hamilton, and has been involved with the project from day dot. When Limelightmeets him at the sleek Sydney offices of Australian producer Michael Cassel on the day after the first Australian preview, his infectious enthusiasm ricochets off the walls.

The fact that he articulates so clearly, and speaks with the rhythms, emphases and projection of an actor or orator only makes his conversation more vital and compelling.

Jeffrey Seller. Photograph supplied

“I feel reborn because I am finally, actively working again and engaging again. I am even enjoying the process of putting on my shirt and tie because I know I am going to go out and meet with people and have conversations, and then share with people the wonderful experience of seeing live theatre again,” he says.

“Being in quarantine for two weeks was a reasonable price to pay for my ability now to be out and about with all of the citizens and residents of New South Wales,...