On 20 May, Limelightran an articlewritten for us by Ciaran Frame about his 2020 Living Music Report, in which he surveyed last year’s musical offerings by the country’s Major Performing Arts Organisations.

Living Music Report An image from the Living Music Report

Frame’s Living Music Report is an annual analysis of Australian orchestral programming, examining whether the composers, whose works were performed around the country, adequately reflects the Australian identity and our gender, cultural and First Nations diversity. Coining a phrase used by the Australia Council, the article was called Do Our Arts Reflect Us?. Frame found that in 2020 the answer was “not yet” although the trajectory is headed in the right direction.

Phillip Scott has responded to that article with the following letter.

Do our arts reflect us?

I would say they do, with increasing relevance, in drama – theatre, film and television – and in literature. Places where specific stories in a relatable social setting can be told.

Orchestral music is a different case. I’m totally in favour of our symphony orchestras premiering contemporary and Australian works –...