The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) and SPEAK Percussion have announced MARCH STATIC, an extraordinary, sprawling, site-specific concert featuring news works by Liza Lim, Thomas Meadowcroft, Cathy Milliken and Damien Ricketson, to be performed at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.

March Static at Abbotsford Convent March Static

Eugene Ughetti, Artistic Director of SPEAK Percussion, describes the performance as a musical ‘choose your own adventure’: the audience will be split into groups and led around the convent, and will hear a range of works from solos to 12-tets that make use of the acoustic spaces inside and outside the convent, from the North Magdalen Laundry, through to the Packing Room, Industrial School and Rosina Dormitories surrounding St Anne’s Courtyard. Marketing copy often speaks of a venue as another instrument in the orchestra, but rarely is there a concert where the venue plays a starring role in even the composition of the works themselves.

“There are going to be five different ushers that take the audience to different places, and each audience member will have their own curated experience of the...