The young Aussie chose the guitar because it was totally different from what his siblings played. Now he’s determined to liberate it.

Was the guitar your first instrument, and what made you choose it?

I started to play guitar when I was six years old. My elder siblings played trumpet and piano, so when it was suggested I could learn an instrument I was quite excited. But I distinctly remember trying to choose the one that looked the least like the trumpet or the piano.

Who would you consider musical heroes?

I have many, but my teacher, Timothy Kain has been an important one. Tim’s contributions to Australian music, his work with Guitar Trek, his solo and chamber projects and his somewhat legendary teaching career is a real source of inspiration. I aspire to lead such a meaningful musical life.

Who are your all time favourite composers and works for classical guitar?

Lately I’ve been very fond of Joaquín Rodrigo’s Fantasia para un Gentilhombre. It’s an underrated piece of music, but a particularly charming one. I’ve also been a fan of Nigel Westlake’s AntarcticaSuite for ages. It’s such an evocative work that for me brilliantly captures the inhospitable vastness of the place,...