Congratulations on winning Limelight’s Recording of the Year, as well as our Orchestral Recording of the Year. It’s a thrilling disc. Would you like to comment on winning?

Thank you very much! This is a great honour. I am very excited that the genius music of Shostakovich’s Fourth and Eleventh Symphonies has received such special recognition, and I am also very proud of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, as well as the brilliant recording team. I am very happy that listeners around the world – including Australia – are moved by Shostakovich’s works.

Andris Nelsons, Limelight Recording of the Year Andris Nelsons. Photo © Marco Borggreve

You’ve recorded Shostakovich regularly over many years now, as well as embarking on a cycle for Deutsche Grammophon. How important is Shostakovich’s music to you on a personal level, and what draws you to it?

Shostakovich’s music has always had a very special place in my heart and has always spoken very personally to me – from one side, I recall growing up in the Soviet communist regime, and seeing the parallels of this world in his music. But I find more importantly I recognise and admire the genius composition...