Anne Cawrse has just booked a holiday.

That’s almost enough to write an article about on its own, given how much of these past two years has been dominated by lockdowns and getting to know the boundaries of our local government areas like never before. But it is also noteworthy because Cawrse has been absolutely everywhere this year, and one could be forgiven for thinking she simply doesn’t sleep.

Anne Cawrse

Since September 2020 Cawrse has written a piano trio for the Benaud Trio, a lengthy choral work, an a cappellapiece for Katie Noonan’s Australian Vocal Ensemble AVÉ, a set of marimba solos for Claire Edwardes, a guitar and cello duet for Slava and Sharon Grigoryan, a violin solo, a wind orchestra arrangement, and a cor anglais concerto for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Principal Cor Anglais Michael Pisani. She also curated the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s She Speaks program, championing Australian female composers. Oh, and she will also be self-releasing an album of her chamber works in the second half of 2021.

I feel like I need a holiday just from reading that list, let alone doing everything on...