Last time you were in Australia in 2010, you were performing with your father on his 90th birthday farewell tour. He was so loved here. Do you find people still want to talk about him wherever you go?

Absolutely. My father has such a global career which impacted people across countries and decades, therefore it’s often that people want to share their experiences of his music with me, which is very beautiful.

How profound an influence was your father on you musically?

It is impossible to overstate how important his influence was, because obviously he was my father and also my guru and teacher right from when I began learning music from when I was seven. From the beginning, he was a key part of shaping my musicality.

The sitar is a famously difficult instrument to play. How long did it take to master it?

People say sitar is definitely one of the most challenging instrument there is to play, starting with the logistics of the way it is shaped and held. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it all my life, especially as a child and teenager. At this point I feel much closer to my instrument and yet I don’t know if...