After a decade-long absence, two music theatre legends join forces for an exclusive Australian tour.

“Faith was the only one available at the time,” says Anthony Warlow, dismissively.

Without skipping a beat, Faith Prince shrieks with laughter and Warlow chuckles mischievously. His sense of humour is devilish, but there is more to the creative partnership than convenience. The pair has an obvious rapport, something spawned during the recent Broadway season of Annie. Now, six months after the curtain was lowered at the Palace Theatre in New York, they are back together for ‘Direct from Broadway’, a concert style performance that will tour Australia’s winter cabaret circuit.

“Miss Hannigan and Daddy Warbucks don’t really spend that much time on stage together,” recalls Prince, of their time together in Annie. “But we spent a lot of time off stage in each other’s dressing rooms making each other laugh and we really got on. We started talking about our chemistry and what kind of roles we could do together and then Anthony said ‘you know, I have these eight concerts – why don’t you come over and do them with me’ and I was like ‘Oh My God, I love Australia and I...