No one in Australia was left unaffected, directly or indirectly, by the bushfires that raged across the country this last summer. The nation, and the world, watched on in horror as stories of tragic loss – of human life, homes, wilderness and wildlife – emerged alongside tales of selfless heroism from our largely volunteer firefighting forces, and acts of kindness from members of the community.

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One story was particularly touching in the music world: a group of young singers from Sydney Children’s Choir gathered to raise funds for a fellow chorister who lost his home in Balmoral just before Christmas. The money will allow him to continue singing with the choir while his family rebuild their home.

The impact of the fires rippled across the arts community, as it did every community in Australia. Dozens of bushfire relief concerts were organised, performances were dedicated to the brave firefighters battling the blazes, donations for firefighters and communities were collected at performances of opera, theatre and blockbuster musicals, as well as orchestral and chamber music concerts.

“There have been people in the National Choirs and in Sydney Children’s Choir directly affected...