Bach’s brilliance and family history uncovered, plus a glimpse into soprano Anna Netrebko’s latest CD recording and pianist David Helfgott’s enduring popularity.


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To deconstruct the genius of Bach, to fathom how the cold math of line plotted against line, note riding against note, voices knitted into voices, can translate into sounds often held up as the very pinnacle of Western music could take some kind of genius in itself.

But wrapped up in the mystery of Johann Sebastian Bach is his very familiarity. Philip Clark explains how the Baroque master used maths, physics and the power of God to create music of stunning complexity.


The Bach Family Business

We take a trip down genealogy lane to discover the roots and branches of the most important musical dynasty in history.

Anna Netrebko The Verdi Sessions

Behind the scenes of soprano Anna Netrebko’s recording sessions for her stunning new CD of Verdi arias.

The Lark’s First Flight

Largely ignored by composer Vaughan Williams, how did The Lark Ascending become such an enduring concert favourite?

Rise and Shine

An audience with the pianist who, almost 20 years after the film Shine, still irritates critics while delighting the masses.

Composer of the Month: Palestrina

A look behind the Renaissance master’s music, and how he became one of the most influential and revered composers in history.

Musical Journey: Leipzig

We go on the composer trail in Leipzig – stopping for breaks to fill up on potato spätzl – and discover why the city still belongs to JS Bach.


A whopping 32 pages of classical CD, DVD, book and live concert reviews, including Peter Bassett narrating the Ring Cycle with a little help from Georg Solti; a Schoenberg send-off with The Emerson QuartetThe Bergen Philharmonic heating things up with Berlioz; Jordi Savall devours a Rotterdam banquet and Yundi Li showing off his sensitive side.

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