This month we return to featuring the repertoire of a single instrument. As a clarinetist I’m biased, but I adore the range and expressive potential of the instrument and this month’s composers really highlight those qualities. So, April’s playlist is all about the clarinet family (high and low) and their music.

Australian Art Music Playlist Tasmanian Devil by Marigold Bartlett

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Like I mentioned last time, these playlists really highlight the role of the performer in championing Australian music. Whether commissioning, recording, discovering or rediscovering – our industry owes a lot of to the individuals who create these legacies.

It’s been a pleasure hearing Deborah De Graaff, Jason Noble and Richard Haynes pop up in multiple composer’s recordings, as well as European performers, Harry Sparnaay and Henri Bok, engaging with some of our classic repertoire.