So, this month we’re trying something new, and feature the playlist around a single instrument. For February, that instrument is the flute.

Australian Art Music Playlist Tasmanian Devil by Marigold Bartlett 

I often focus on composers in this playlist, but an integral part of the art music community are the performers that commission, champion and perform new music. A number of those performers are featured in this month’s playlist performing solos, chamber music, and concertos.

Lamorna Nightingale, Laura Chislett, and Peter Sheridan have an incredible backlog of recordings of Australian compositions and you’ll see them featured a lot. My personal favorites are Kate Moore’s House of Shards and Shadowsperformed by Lamorna and Helen Gifford’s Fantasyperformed by Laura – both wonderful works to return to, and both play interestingly with gesture throughout. Binary Systemby Paul Moulatlet is a new work for me, but I’ve really enjoyed the interplay between concert flute and bass flute (performed here by Johanna Selleck and Peter Sheridan respectively).

We also have composer flutists such as Cat Hope, Leah Blankendaal, Keyna Wilkins, Christine Draeger – whose...