The 1714 Guarneri instrument will be debuted by ACO violinist Rebecca Chan this month.

The Australian Chamber Orchestra today announced the acquisition of a rare Guarneri violin. Valued at US$1.35 million, the instrument has become the latest addition to the ACO’s collection of fine instruments.

The violin was made in 1714 by Joseph Guarneri filius Andreae, a member of a distinguished family of luthiers from Cremona in Italy. The instrument is just one of 250 surviving Guarneris, and is considered comparable to that of the Amati and Stradivari families.

The Australian Chamber Orchestra purchased the instrument earlier this year as part of the ACO Instrument Fund. The initiative is Australia’s first commercial fund to invest in historic stringed instruments, and in 2011, successfully secured the nation’s only Stradivari violin.

“This violin has many of the typical characteristics which we have come to expect from this legendary luthier,” said the ACO’s Rebecca Chan, who is the lucky musician to perform on the Guarneri. “It has a dark, rich tone, like an alto voice, yet it is capable of great sweetness. Although it’s a very powerful violin, it can also spin the most delicate and intimate pianissimos.”