One sunny afternoon last November, full of eager anticipation, I boarded a plane bound for Dallas where I was excited to begin a two-week residency in The Dallas Opera’s Linda and Mitch Hart Institute for Women Conductors. Having been part of the program the previous year as an observer, I was thrilled to have been invited back as one of the six selected conductors in 2017.

A comprehensive professional development program for conductors, TDO’s Hart Institute is distinctive in that it champions and promotes the work of female conductors. As my original articleon the topic of women conductors highlighted, while undoubtedly there is much progress being made, there remains some way to go before a more representative gender balance in the field of orchestral conducting becomes the norm.

Carolyn Watson, Hart Institute, Women Conductors Australian conductor Carolyn Watson. Photo © Karen Almond

Now in its fourth year, the program is soliciting applications for the November residency in which participants work intensively with TDO orchestra and singers whilst being mentored by maestri including TDO’s Music Director Emmanuel Villaume, Principal Guest Conductor Nicole Paiement and other leading international figures. Conductors also benefit from sessions on...