We talk to the daring young female conductor behind Ruthless Jabiru – London’s only all-Australian orchestra.

Running an all-Australian chamber orchestra in London is a complex operation, but there’s one problem artistic director Kelly Lovelady does not need to worry about – finding enough players. “When I call people, most have already heard about the project on the grapevine,” Kelly says. “They are really interested to hear more.”

It’s no secret that Australia is particularly well represented among London’s residents, and many hold senior positions in British orchestras and opera companies. But it is not often they perform together. Lovelady is out to change that with Ruthless Jabiru, a project generating keen interest in British musical circles.

Ruthless Jabiru has transformed her into a one-woman orchestra administration system, making Lovelady a hard person to pin down for an interview. When she is not preparing the music, she is arranging venues, talking to sponsors, fixing schedules… Fortunately, we were able to grab an hour before she rushed off to an Australian business leaders event to promote the ensemble.

“It is a real cross-section of the Australians who are playing for a living over here,” says Kelly. “All of them are career musicians, so...