What inspired you to put together this Christmas concert – Carols for Justice?

I first heard about the Martin Place Tent City movement in early August this year. When I saw that Sydney’s homeless were perceived as an eyesore that should be gotten rid of, I was furious. I wanted to do something to support them. I remembered an incident at St James walking with a colleague, after a gig singing with the Australian Haydn Ensemble. This guy set his space up like a living room with a sofa, all makeshift of course, in the tunnel. I felt at that moment, that we stepped into his house. I said “Hi” and he replied with a smile. My colleague was taken aback by my forwardness, so I told her “they are not invisible… that can be us, at any time.”

Ayşe Göknur Shanal, Christmas, Carols, Homeless Soprano Ayşe Göknur Shanal.

So I went ahead and contacted Lanz Priestley, who is the coordinator of Sydney’s 24-7 Kitchen and Safe Space Community, to volunteer to take food. He told me of an idea for a  concert at that time, to raise awareness about homelessness. Lanz is an...