The tour was really nice. We had three concerts in three cities, Chennai, Cochin and Mumbai and the audiences were very friendly and very enthusiastic. As always concerts with the Australian World Orchestra – as a player – are very enjoyable, because there’s very good energy and people love to play together. So it’s always a really good thing happening on stage. And we were really well looked after too – I mean, the food there is amazing of course, India is an amazing place. It really was a very special time.

Daniel Dodds, Australian World Orchestra Violinist Daniel Dodds. Photo ©  Dorothee Falke

The first time we went to India, in 2015, we went with maestro Zubin Mehta, so that was different in that he was, in a sense, showing us his India. This time we went with Alexander Briger and we were a slightly smaller orchestra and so – even though we were playing Beethoven symphonies – it felt a little bit more intimate this time.

It’s such an amazing orchestra and all my colleagues are amazing players themselves, so to be able to stand out the...