I feel I am one of the lucky ones during this time so I am trying to drive my energy into giving back to my audience, helping to commission and to create new music as well as aiming to give my online students the musical contact they desire to get through this pandemic; all while bringing up my first newborn son, Edward.

Matt Withers Guitarist Matt Withers. Photo courtesy of Matt Withers

As musical concerts turned to livestreaming during the pandemic, I was overwhelmed with the response to an online concert I gave last month, reaching hundreds of households world-wide, as far as the USA, UAE and Europe. Michael MacManus from the (now online) Melbourne Guitar Festivalhas invited me back already for an encore livestream performance featuring classical guitar masterpieces from my ABC Classic album, Songs of Yesterday , plus some new additions by the likes of Bach, Barrios and Albeniz.

Audiences have been in touch with emotional messages on all my social media platforms calling for me to give a repeat concert for them to enjoy again, in the comfort of their own homes. With...