Conductor berates his concertmaster but Albert Hall’s Ringcycle receives rave reviews regardless.

Eminent Wagnerian conductor Daniel Barenboim has been receiving critical plaudits for his ground breaking Proms premiere of Der Ring des Nibelungenbut London’s unexpected heatwave seems to be causing more than just the audience to lose their cool.

As musicians battled soaring temperatures at Wednesday night’s performance of Die Walküre, observers in the front boxes were witness to the Maestro’s dissatisfaction with members of his elite Berlin Staatskapelle.

According to The Timesreporter, “A thunderous Daniel Barenboim startled the Prommers at the second instalment of his Proms Ring by giving the concertmaster of the Staatskapelle Berlin a visible tongue-lashing at the end of Act II.” The Telegraphagreed observing, “during the applause after the second act, Barenboim had a visibly ugly altercation with the orchestra’s leader.” Speculation appears to suggest that something had gone awry in the double-basses and the concertmaster was the nearest at hand to receive the rough edge of the conductor’s tongue.

Regardless of any tantrums, the clutch of five-star reviews have been incandescent. Bryn Terfel “simply was Wotan”, raved The Times, also praising “Brünnhilde, sung by Nina Stemme with majestically rolling plenitude and emotional sincerity.” The...