It’s second star on the right as Li Cunxin’s intrepid dancers strap on their flying harnesses.

JM Barrie’s magical play of dastardly pirates, precocious fairies and children who never grow up, Peter Pan, has been the inspiration for Hollywood movies, Disney cartoons, children’s novels, TV shows and even the name of a thoroughbred racehorse. However, while ballet might not immediately spring to mind as a likely medium to tell this fantastical tale, given the sprightly antics of Pan and his band of lost boys, this fun-filled, thrilling narrative makes an ideal foundation for dance.

Created in 2002 for Houston Ballet, American choreographer Trey McIntyre has realised the potential of Barrie’s story in breathtaking style, and now his highly acclaimed interpretation of Peter Panis coming to Australia as the next show in Queensland Ballet’s 2015 season. “It’s a marvellous, timeless story that brings the magic of childrens’ imaginations to life,” says Queensland Ballet Artistic Director Li Cunxin. “It’s a fantasy, an adventure, and I’m sure that’s why Hollywood producers are so fascinated with this unique character.”

In stark contrast to the hallowed and popular plots of the great narrative ballets of the 19th century, which largely offer starring roles for...