Cello and classical guitar is quite a rare combination. What are the advantages or disadvantages in performing in such a duo?

Cello and guitar is a really wonderful combination of instruments, that allows for a wide range of timbral possibilities, and an ability to play a diverse selection of repertoire. One disadvantage of the instrumentation is that it has often been overlooked by composers, and as such there is not a large selection of works written for the ensemble. With the melodic and vocal qualities of the cello and the polyphonic nature of the guitar, we’ve been able to make our own arrangements, ranging from Bach’s solo keyboard works, to a set of songs by Falla, and even a Michael Jackson tune!

Boyd Meets Girl Boyd Meets Girl: cellist Laura Metcalf and classical guitarist Rupert Boyd 

On your upcoming tour are there any locations or favourite venues that you’re looking forward to visiting?

This tour is a truly national tour with concerts in every state and territory! We’re really excited to be performing in the major cities, but I’m also very much looking forward to performing in two places that I’ve never been before –...