What inspired you to continue with this year’s Brisbane Music Festival as a digital event?

My 2020 was set to be an incredible year of music-making and touring, until COVID-19 had other ideas. After the initial shock of how the arts sector at large had been disrupted, almost to a complete halt, I felt the need to reimagine and adapt my creative offerings. With still so much uncertainty around when theatres might open, this impetus for reimagination gave birth to the 3rd Brisbane Music Festival ‘Streamed Series’ – 10 performances featuring some of Queensland’s most exciting artists, streamed from my own music studio with an event every second Saturday from June 6 to October 10.

Alex Raineri Alex Raineri. Photo © Tim Nicol

What have been the biggest challenges of putting it all together?

There is so much wonderful artistic content being shared online at the moment and it’s hugely inspiring to see how people are responding in unique ways. The logistical conundrum in presenting online content is framing this in a way that constitutes a regular ‘work engagement’ for artists. Traditionally, online content has been freely available, which is the case with much of the streaming content currently being delivered.

Usually I would spend at least a...