The Indian Maestro’s announcement that he will conduct a concert in Kashmir has met with strong opposition.

Last weekend Zubin Mehta announced he would conduct a concert with the Bavarian State Opera Orchestra in Kashmir on September 7.

Concert preparations have run into some setbacks however, with separatist leaders and civil society members opposing such an event in the strife-torn region, which has a disputed territory administered by India, Pakistan and China.

“I feel holding of such a musical event sends out the wrong signal that people of Kashmir are prosperous and have the leisure to participate in such high profile events,” Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Bashiruddin has said. “Since Kashmir is a disputed area, such a concert would be inappropriate.”

The religious leader has appealed to the German ambassador in India Michael Steiner to halt the orchestra’s visit, and suggested the government money should be instead spent on Kashmiri education and healthcare.

Steiner has so far not responded, but earlier released a statement lending his full support to the concert, labelling it “a message of hope and encouragement to the people of Kashmir”, and predicted it “would go ahead without any trouble”.

The concert, to be performed on the banks of the world famous...