Trio of “extreme” musicians carry their cellos 42km to raise money for spinal injury charity.

Three intrepid British cellists will run the London Marathon on Sunday April 22… with their cellos strapped to their backs. Clare Wallace, James Rees and Jeremy Dawson will tackle the 42km race in an effort to raise £10,000 for Aspire, a charity dedicated to spinal cord injury.

The trio, dubbed the Extreme Cellists, have made a name for themselves in a variety of previous daredevil activities involving their instruments, such as mountaineering and a 2006 tour of English cathedral rooftops.

The Sheffield-based musicians decided to form the group after seeing a documentary on the “Extreme Ironing” World Championships, in which participants ironed clothing underwater, up trees and in other unusual settings.

Limelightwishes them godspeed and hopes they don’t sustain their own back injuries in the process.

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