Investors threaten to demolish the home of great American composer Charles Ives

The house that American composer Charles Ives built in 1912 and lived in until his death in 1954 is up for sale. However, as developers look to maximise the property’s value, the country dwelling is under threat of being knocked down.

Located in Redding, Connecticut, it holds cultural significance as the place where Ives composed most of his major works. The Ives family, who have lived in the house ever since the composer’s death, have packed his library into boxes ready for the move. But it still contains and many of his possessions including period furniture in perfect condition In his small composing room, the walls are covered in programs and newspaper cuttings; a faded framed photo of Brahms sits on a ledge above Ives’ famous hat and his father’s cornet.

Charles Ives’ made his mark on American music with his modernist style that combined American popular music, church hymns and European art music. He is arguably best known for his orchestral work Three Places in New Englandand his Piano Sonata No. 2. His impact on 20th-century music was wide-reaching, influencing composers...