Cheng Tsung-lung is the first Asian choreographer to create a new work for Sydney Dance Company. Born in Teipai, his family owns a factory making slippers and as a child he hawked them on the streets. The dynamics of street life would later become a source of inspiration for his choreography. After graduating from the Dance Department of Taipei National University of the Arts, he undertook compulsory military service.

Cheng Tsung-lee Sydney Dance Company Cheng Tsung-lung at Full Moonrehearsals. Photograph © Pedro Greig

Later, after finishing his degree, Cheng performed internationally with the world-renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan from 2002 to 2004. The 40-year old is now one of Taiwan’s leading contemporary choreographers and the Artistic Director of Cloud Gate 2 – Cloud Gate’s development arm.

Cheng has created a new work called Full Moonfor Sydney Dance Company’s latest double bill Orb,which also features a new work by SDC Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela called Ocho. Cheng spoke to Limelightabout working with SDC and about the work he has created for them.

What do you think about the group of dancers that you are working with?

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