What was your introduction to music?

My introduction to music was when I was four years old and sitting in bed with my Nana listening to my Grandpa playing live jazz on 3MBS Fine Music. My Pa was a tailor by profession but would play drums regularly throughout Melbourne and passed on his love of music to his family.

Chris Howlett Chris Howlett

Why did you pick the cello?

Cello wasn’t my first choice – I wanted to play the drums like my Grandpa. At the age of five, I was told that I wasn’t tall enough and would have to play only the snare for at least three years. Ironically, I am now 6 foot 4. My second choice was violin but the violin teacher thought my hands were too big and that my singing wasn’t very good, so finally I was suggested the cello. An unexpected choice, but I had a fabulous teacher and fell in love with it straight away.

Who were your musical role models?

Truls Mørk’s recordings were always my first port of call when I received a new solo piece to learn. I was always inspired by his fresh approach to...