How did you become involved in video game composition?

While I was studying composition I was talking to a friend about how I wanted to write music for games. He had another friend who was working on something who was looking for music. I ended up scoring his game, and through that collaboration, I met more developers. I was also writing music for film and some TV at the time, and some of the directors and animators that I worked with were starting to get into making games. Ari Gibson, the artist and co-game designer of Hollow Knightwas one of these artists. I had worked on two of his short films prior to Hollow Knight.

Christopher Larkin Christopher Larkin

What are the different challenges of scoring video games as opposed to music for film or the concert hall?

One of the main challenges is that you don’t have the timing of an edited film to determine musical structure. This is also a major benefit, as it can open up the music to develop in new and interesting ways.

Another challenge and benefit, is that the music needs to, in many cases, loop. It is a...