South Australia has been spoiled at this year’s Come Out Festival, and it’s not just the kids who’ve had all the fun.

There is a plant growing out of an old toilet at the front of the Festival Centre, three pairs of old jeans hang from the rafters, rusty bicycles form sculptures in a passage way; this is definitely not a normal week in Adelaide. It’s all part of the current festival, Come Out, which has brought together a collection of great art and theatrical gems, from far and wide, including bouncing balloons, symbolic suitcases and a witch’s warren. It is for children, of all ages, but it’s far too good for grown-ups not to go along as well.

First up was The Migration Project, an incredibly touching piece of theatre devised and written by Alirio Zavarce with the help of two Adelaide schools and the Migration Museum. The strength of Zavarce’s passion and artistic style ran throughout and this eclectic team have created an amazing space for the stories of a group of extraordinary young people to be heard and an incredibly important message to be shared.

Passing through a mock immigration, with “border patrol”, the audience (me and...