We ask The Australian Voices’ AD, Gordon Hamilton, about the humour, nuance and beauty to be found on their latest disc.

Would you describe yourself as a musical activist?

No! Just a musician. I believe that ‘activist music’ often falls flat. I’m interested in all sorts of music, including music about nothing in particular, and also music that speaks to the ‘now’. Robert Davidson’s treatments of speech melody for The Australian Voices and Topology do exactly this: they are firstly good pieces that happen to connect to contemporary events.

Robert Davidson’s Donald Trump-inspired composition Total Political Correctnesswas written last year but seems even more relevant right now. How did it come about?

Robert and I were talking about a new piece. He had just composed some pieces for us based on Australian Prime Ministers. At that time, Trump was excelling in the Republican Primary and we were both aware of his greasy rhetoric. I was thrilled when Robert chose some Trump quotes about women.

Would you call it a protest song?

Yes and no. I think the content of the song can be enjoyed both by Trump fans and those disgusted by his sexist remarks. His...