If you’ve ever wondered what impact artificial intelligence might eventually have on live performance, the future is already here.

We’re about to find out what happens when a computer is in charge of choreography, music, lighting and costumes in Forgery, a new dance work presented by Australasian Dance Collective and Queensland Performing Arts Centre in association with Brisbane Festival.

Forgery Alisdair Macindoe Forgery

With algorithms now controlling so much of our daily lives – whether we’re conscious of this or not – the concept is an original and intriguing one for viewers of all ages, beyond the existing contemporary dance base. It will be a genuinely unique experience for the artists as well. Responding to the computer program’s commands, Australasian Dance Collective’s six dancers will be tested as never before, creating a different work at every one of the season’s 12 shows.

Forgeryis quite literally the brainchild of modern Renaissance man Alisdair Macindoe, whose award-winning dance talents extend to choreography, sound design and creative coding. It’s the 38-year-old’s second production for this year’s...