At 12, he discovered he was Jimmy Barnes’ son but his tastes swing towards Bobby Darin, who he is now playing on stage.

My story is very much like Bobby Darin’s story because I grew up with my grandmother, thinking she was my mother. Early on I adopted her taste in music. Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole were huge in my house, and Streisand. She also liked Matt Monro and smatterings of swing music. I used to like watching

Solid Goldand Countdownlike most of the other kids. But my alternative music thing was almost retro, listening to these beautiful crooners, so that’s where I got my first interest in that kind of music.

We also watched all the MGM Musicals and Bill Collins on a Saturday night. I went through a real phase of loving Singin’ in the Rain, but also There’s No Business Like Show Business. For someone from Adelaide, who didn’t even know my own showbiz history at the time, it was quite ironic looking back on it, but I really liked big, brassy, showbizzy stories, which became a gateway to musicals. I only really got into classical music in the ‘90s when I listened to...