When did you start singing formally?

I was first encouraged to learn piano so it wasn’t until I was 14 or 15 that singing was the thing. And even then it wasn’t classical, I was listening to things like Phantom of the Operaand The Mikadoand Pirates of Penzance. It just so happened that at the time there was a really good music program at my school, so things took off from there. But what got me into singing was the theatricality of it, the declaiming of text to bring a story to life. That intrigued me.

Have early and baroque music always felt like a natural fit for you?

Always and from the very beginning. I’ve always had a deep affinity for this music and I’m not sure why. I think it’s an aesthetic thing because I find it to be super passionate and Romantic in the truest sense of the word. The boundless possibilities of expression interest me very much and I just feel so at home with it.

David Greco David Greco. Photo: Courtesy of David Greco

Who would you consider your touchstone interpreters in...