Opera Queensland is about to open a new production of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, directed by the company’s CEO and Artistic Director Patrick Nolan. Marg Horwell, who has designed the set and costumes, spoke to Limelightabout the design process, her visual references, the contradictions around which she has built the world of the production, and how her opera credits are beginning to roll.

Marg Horwell designs Marriage of Figaro

Did you have long discussions with Patrick Nolan about your design approach for this new Marriage of Figaro, or did you know quite quickly what you wanted to do?
When we started this project together I was working in Switzerland just before the start of the COVID outbreak in Europe and Patrick was in Sydney, so we were working on Zoom and often at odd times of the day and night. When it came to presenting the design we were on Zoom again with me in Sydney and Patrick back in Brisbane so it...