Divisi is a new vocal ensemble with a mission to open the repertoire by commissioning and performing new works by LGBTQIA+ composers. Clive Pagetcaught up with the choir’s co-Artistic Directors Alex Gorbatov and Bailey Montgomerie to find out what makes them tick, why their mission matters and where they hope they are headed.

How, when and where did the group form? And were you all friends or did you decide to go looking for each other?

Divisi formed in 2018 while we were studying at the University of Melbourne. We started out as a group of friends who just wanted to sing together. We knew each other from a range of places but mostly Gondwana Choirs programs. Since this time, we’ve delved into Melbourne’s rich choral scene and have members from all parts of this community with a focus on building a cohesive group sound.


Was there a queer music brief from the start or did that come later? And how do you define the group’s artistic credo?

We mostly fell into the queer music scene from exposure to existing queer classical music. But it’s something we’ve given a lot of thought...