An infographic look at what some of history’s most famous composers would be making in today’s money.

Recently Adzuna explored what the annual salary of some of history’s most famous scientists would be if they were being paid today. As it was so much fun they decided to revisit the topic, but instead took a look at some of the most iconic composers from Europe (and one from America).

Stephen Pritchard writes, “It was more difficult to put a modern day figure on the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner than Einstein or Curie for a few reasons. For a start, a lot of the musicians we took a look at were paid in long dead currencies such as thalers, ducats and florins – then there’s the fact that composers were also more likely to have made supplemental income from compositions and tutoring. Nevertheless, even with the usual caveats (there are admittedly a few problems with comparing 18th century incomes with 21st century incomes) we still thought you’d want to know if you’re out-earning the musical superstars of their day. So without further ado, why not take a look at the modern day incomes of famous composers.”

Originally posted on Adzuna

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