Over the last two decades Eddie Perfect has made being a ‘triple threat’ look like an underachievement.

The 44 year-old has established himself as one of Australia’s most versatile artists in a diverse career spanning stage and television as a singer, songwriter, actor, comedian, satirist, musician, presenter and playwright.

He’s probably best known for his television work, playing the likeable muso Mick Holland in Channel Ten’s hit series Offspring and as a presenter on Play School for the ABC.

Those who followed his ascendant star on Broadway in recent years will know that his efforts as a composer/lyricist on the musicals King Kong and Beetlejuice were initially greeted as anything but flawless. He ultimately returned home battered but victorious – in that characteristically Australian self-deprecating manner – distilling the bruising experience into raw, honest and funny reflections in his cabaret show Introspective , which he premiered last year.

He is now back...