Limelight Magazine Editor Clive Paget pops the cork on new era.

Having worked in one way or another on Limelight for three and a half years,  I’ve come to know (and love) every page and section of this publication backwards – with the exception, that is, of the Editor’s Letter. Well, with the departure of Francis Merson, here goes…

First of all, let me thank my remarkable predecessor for his efforts over the past four years. With determination, patience, flair, and a not inconsiderable sense of humour he has transformed this magazine into an award-winning title, recognised within and without the industry for its combination of informed content, light touch and its stylish look – in short, very much as I’d describe Francis himself. I’ve watched, and I hope learned, and with a bit of luck my stewardship will bring more of the same.

There will be some changes – good ones I hope. The first is that from next month we’re excited to welcome a regular column from Richard Gill, one of Australia’s most influential voices, and one that I know from my time as Online Editor strikes a big chord with Limelight readers. We’ve also been taking the artistic pulse of our subscribers and will aim to reflect the breadth of your interests and the truly national character of what remains the country’s only classical music and arts magazine. We have some exciting names, faces and topics to air over coming months and I hope to get even more into each issue.

The current climate is inclement, and one of the sadder emails I’ve received this month was from our regular verbal style guru Irene Poinkin. It seems the ABC cuts, about which we’ve all heard so much, have resulted in her becoming one of the corporation’s pre-Christmas casualties. A philosophical soul, Irene is seeing the opportunity for early retirement – we wish her well.

One last thing. I’d really like to know what you, the readers, want and feel. Do please write, or email and I’ll try to publish or answer each and every one (even when you take me to task, as does occasionally happen). That said, enjoy this month’s features on The Romantics, John Bell, Lucia di Lammermoor etc, and onwards and upwards!

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