From the sharp humour of Cacti to the dark dimensions of Lux Tenebris, we explore SDC’s CounterMove.

The word “entertainment” is arguably one of the arts’ most loaded descriptors. With a raised eyebrow and a hint of a sneer, there is often a barbed note of derision aimed at works that seem to merely entertain: it might be enough for the average Joe, but true connoisseurs of the arts demand a higher pedigree of expression.

On the other hand, Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman is an entertainer and proud. “It’s important that we bring back the value of thatword in the arts,” he shares. “I’m creating my work for everyone. I’m not interested in making something that is only for dance-knowers. It’s very important to me that everyone can relate to and enjoy what I create.”

  Ekman working in the SDC studios in Walsh Bay

With a whip-smart finesse and a flair for comedy, “entertaining” is an appropriate adjective to describe Ekman’s work, but it is also highly sophisticated dance-theatre, both technically and philosophically. Exploding onto the international dance scene at...