Handel’s Messiahis incredibly popular – what do you think has people coming back year after year (and sometimes several times a year)?

It’s one of the greatest choral works of all time. Messiahis an incredible balance of drama and music. Probably the most famous story of our time is told through beautiful music shared between four soloists and a choir, all supported and enhanced by the orchestra. There is something new to discover every time.

Elizabeth Scott, Messiah Conductor Elizabeth Scott. Photo © Roland Kay-Smith

When and where did you first hear the work?

I actually avoided Messiah, (not intentionally!) for a long time – I started my musical career as a flute player and there are no flutes in Messiah, so I must confess it was not really on my radar. I learnt many of the soprano arias as a singer whilst studying overseas, but my first real experience of the work was after moving back to Australia – chorus mastering Sydney Philharmonia’s Symphony Chorus in 2005 for Richard Gill’s performances of Messiahin December of that year.