New music powerhouse Ensemble Offspring is about to launch their first-ever podcast. Titled  The Offcast: Conversations with musical mavericks, across eight episodes Artistic Director Claire Edwardes talks with a fascinating range of musicians and administrators – including Yuwaalaraay storyteller, performer and composer Nardi Simpson, soprano and composer Jane Sheldon, composer, artist and regular  Limelight contributor Julian Dayand newly-appointed CEO of the Australian Music Centre, Catherine Haridy, among others – exploring what inspires them and seeking their insights on the world of music.

Deputy Editor Hugh Robertson spoke to Edwardes about their new project.

Claire Edwardes, host of Ensemble Offspring's new podcast, The Offcast.

What is the premise of the podcast?

In  The Offcast  I chat to an amazing bunch of musical mavericks and pioneers. They are performers and artists who I am personally inspired by, and they are in many cases colleagues and friends from close to home as well as across the other side of the world.

I feel like these people on the periphery of music...